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Established in 1934 to protect wild animals and the varied vegetation, Akagera is the biggest protected wetland in Africa.

The Akagera National Park used to cover a land area of more than 2,500 square kilometers in the past. However, by 1997 the size had reduced to nearly 50%, due to the need to re-settle the 1994 Rwanda Genocide refugees. This led to a great deal of poaching and also cultivation of food on the park land. Leading the government of Rwanda reduce the size of the park to just half its initial size.

Despite the reduction in wildlife and vegetation in the past, Akagera National Park has regained its glory.  This has been possible due to the joint management of the park  by Rwanda development Board together with African Parks. The new perimeter-fence together with anti-poaching strategies have made a significant difference to the population of resident wild animals.

Compared to its neighbors in East Africa, Wildlife in Akagera is not abundant but enough to make your safari Memorable. A Game drive in the park allows you to spot different animals including; elephant, numerous buffaloes, lions, and birds living in the varied habitats in the park.