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Kayonza: Akagera Park fencing activities almost done

Kayonza: Akagera Park fencing activities almost done


Akagera National park fencing will be over before March 2013, Jean Bosco Rutayisire; Director of TNH-EME (that is fencing Akagera national park) has said.

Fencing Akagera Park kicked off in May 2012 expecting to it to last in 9 months time in January 2013. Out of 110 kilometers, only 81 have been fenced but the remaining 29 kilometers are expected to be covered before March 2013 ends.

Explaining on the reasons for delayed completion, Rutayisire revealed that fencing materials took long to reach Rwanda as they were purchased from South Africa and China.

In addition, park fences could sometimes reach on residents pieces of land, which made RDB to shift residents and compensate them before the fencing proceeded.

As if that wasn’t enough, the akagera national park administration had to look for ways of how to extend water from Ihema Lake to outside parts surrounding the park so that cattle drink from the outside.

Apart from water problem, residents surrounding the park had their crops destroyed by the animals that could escape from the park not mentioning claiming their lives sometimes.

Residents are optimistic that once fencing is over, all the problems of animals destroying their crops will be over. The affected residents are from Ndego, Mwili and one part of Murundi sector that neighbor with Akagera national park.

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